Profile of Linnpower's Founder, Wang Linn:

Wang Linn, a pioneering engineer in the electric skateboard industry, has been a significant figure since the early days of this industry. Following the rise and fall of Boosted Board, which initially popularized electric skateboards, Lin has been at the forefront of innovation in this field.

Around 2016, Linn's career began at Siyili, where he excelled as a structural engineer, spearheading the development of OEM products during that pivotal year.

His expertise was soon recognized by EKEWELL board, a new entrant in the market looking for top-notch structural engineers and product managers. Linn's tenure at EKEWELL was marked by significant contributions before he moved to Ecomobl electric skateboard, a brand that branched out from EKEWELL.

To expand the high-end series product line, Meepo Board cooperated with Linn to led the development of the Meepo Hurricane series electric skateboards.

Linn's extensive experience in electrical manufacturing and structural design has culminated in his latest venture.