NEXT SLICK TIRE: For Electric Skateboard Racing

NEXT SLICK TIRE: For Electric Skateboard Racing

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NEXT SLICK TIRE: For Electric Skateboard Racing

LINNPOWER proudly presents NEXT SLICK TIRE, the first-ever slick tire specially designed for electric skateboards. With its special formula which is the same as racing slicks, NEXT SLICK TIRE promises an unparalleled experience for electric skateboard racers. This article will delve into the distinctive features of NEXT SLICK TIRE and shed light on its durability on the track, alongside a comparison with tires from other industries.


Technical Features:

NEXT SLICK TIRE boasts a smooth tread design and softer rubber, ensuring superior grip on various surfaces. Unlike traditional electric skateboard tires, the slick tire minimizes deformation under load, allowing for the utilization of softer compounds. The optimized sidewall support enhances stability during high-speed cornering, ensuring smoother handling.

Equipped with a full hot melt frmula, NEXT SLICK TIRE delivers exceptional grip even at room temperature. As the temperature rises, the surface melts to a stickier consistency, further enhancing traction. The NEXT SLICK TIRE operates optimally at temperatures between 80℃ and 90℃, maximizing the grip. Despite its lower wear rating compared to standard tires, hard riding can accelerate its wear and tear.

The NEXT SLICK TIRE is designed to fit electric skateboard hubs with a minimum inner width of 50mm and not exceeding 60mm, ensuring proper fitment without compromising balance.


Each NEXT SLICK TIRE is seperated packaged to prevent damage during transportation, with future batches featuring wear indicator hole, so you can gauge wear on a slick tire.
For example:


Durability Comparison:

In the electric skateboard racing, NEXT SLICK TIRE shines with remarkable performance. With electric skateboards achieving speeds ranging from 20-25kph for low-speed cornering to 50-60kph for high-speed straightaways, the wheels endure frequent braking, acceleration, and lateral forces, leading to accelerated wear. NEXT SLICK TIRE maintains an effective lifespan of approximately 100-150km under hard racing conditions, subject to rider's riding styles. Swapping front and rear tires after rear tire wear prolongs longevity.

In contrast, automobile tires (using 285/30-R20 specs for comparison) , on a track with turns around 2km in length, the minimum speed for cars (at the apex of slow corners) is typically around 50kph, corresponding to a wheel rotation speed of approximately 400rpm. The RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) of cars is typically slightly lower compared to skateboards. Yet their optimal usage range is similarly limited, typically under 80km for racing.
Conversely, Onewheel (S series) with 11.5-inch tires exhibits significantly longer lifespan due to lower speeds and reduced lateral forces.

In summary, LINNPOWER's NEXT SLICK TIRE stands as the premier choice for electric skateboard racing tire, offering unparalleled performance on the track and beyond. With a commitment to innovation, LINNPOWER continues to push boundaries, bringing best products for electric skateboard enthusiasts. If you need the best electric skateboard pneumatic tiresfor your electric skateboard with unmatched grip, NEXT is definitely one of the best choice.