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Prix de vente$169.00 USD

- The first ever slick racing tire designed exclusively for electric skateboards;

- Made out of fully vulcanized rubber, Pneumatic tires providing the most stronggest grip available;

- Our NEXT Racing Tire drastically improves the lateral grip and acceleration, which results in much faster corners, and in that, much quicker lap times;

Type:NEXT Racing Tire Set of Four (Tube+Tire)

Bulk Purchase Discount

Enjoy a 10% discount on any 2 sets. Go for 3 or more and score a 15% discount! Savings are applied automatically at checkout.


Dimensions: 160x70mm / 6.3x2.76inch.

Compatible Rims: 106mm / 4.17inch hub with inner width of 50-55mm / 1.97-2.17inch, preferably aluminum.

Maximum PSI : 36PSI. To achieve peak performance and maximum grip, it is recommended to maintain a moderate pressure. Keep in mind that the pressure of the tire will increase due to friction and heat during use. 1

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The Ultimate ESK8 Racing Tire

The design of the NEXT Racing Tire is driven by the pursuit of optimal performance. Tires play a very important role in Esk8, and aoften underestimated. It is the direct connection between the rider, his board, and the road surface. The amount of grip provided by the wheel or tire is vital for maximizing the board's torque and turning performance. By creating a tire with a slick and wide contact patch, we aim to provide the most grip, reduce wear and tear, and maximize the physical connection between the board and the ground. At LinnPower, we are committed to provide electric skateboard riders and racing enthusiasts with an unparalleled riding experience and the best parts and features possible, allowing for smoother rides, better maneuverability, and improved overall performance.

Unparalleled Grip And Performance

NEXT Racing Tire is designed specifically for racing, though it is great fun for every day rides. Engineered with ultra soft, fully vulcanized rubber, it is shockingly good not only at high speed but also low speed circuit and corners where heating the tire is required to reach peak performance. Thanks to the vulcanized rubber, it ensures minimal wear over time, while delivering maximum grip in places where traction is crucial. This allows for much quicker maneuvering through corners, and much faster lap times.

Take Your Ride To The Next Level

Improving your riding and racing experience with the first ESK8 slick racing tire.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joseph Bridges

Good tire, definitely have to get them warm before they start to grip but the slide is very predictable and the grip while accelerating and cornering at speed is more than decent. I had no problems with balance either, they were smooth out of the box.

John DuVall
Great Grip / Don’t Fit

I have a Bioboards PV2 AT AWD. I purchased the tires and tubes and were barely able to squeeze them onto the AT wheels. I rebalanced the new tires once on the AT rim. Even though I did this I still experienced a shudder around 30mph on both front and rear that I never had before. I can only assume it was the tires. If you’re going to buy, but the rim and tire combo. Once again great tire just doesn’t fit my wheel.

Pretty Good Tire

Races these tires at Esk8con this year, they performed pretty well. I think they would’ve performed better if the track wasn’t so dusty and full of that crack sealer stuff.