The Origin of LINNPOWER V4.3 Geardrive

The Origin of LINNPOWER V4.3 Geardrive

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In 2019, LINNPOWER start the journey of electric skateboard gear drive systems. After meticulous development and testing, we launched our the first on-site trials taking place on December 28, 2019.

The inception of LINNPOWER V4.3 Geardrive was inspired by a fusion of creativity and functionality. Drawing inspiration from 74weld and a unique 4-gear wrench, we engineered a straight-tooth 4-gear design aimed at optimizing torque and power transmission.

At LINNPOWER, we stress the values of originality and innovation. We categorically deny any allegations of plagiarism, as our ethos revolves around respecting intellectual property and championing authentic design. With a wealth of experience in development and manufacturing, our team is committed to crafting cutting-edge products that redefine electric skateboarding.

Beyond the V4.3 gear drive, our product portfolio showcases our dedication to innovation. From Meepo's tubeless wheels to LINNPOWER Next Racing slicks, quick-release hubs, and patented multi-bearing hub designs, each creation has consistently focused on designing and crafting products to enhance the electric skateboard riding experience.

Despite persistent rumors circulating over the past two years, we remain steadfast in our principles. As a responsible R&D and producing company, LINNPOWER remains dedicated to innovating electric skateboard riding products rather than simply paying homage to other brands by imitating their products. Our designs, including the V4.3 gear drive and NEXT Racing slicks, are a testament to our dedication to originality and excellence.

In conclusion, we refuse to engage further with baseless allegations, as truth always prevails over rumors. Instead, we pledge to continue delivering innovative and reliable products to the electric skateboarding community. Stay tuned to LINNPOWER for exciting updates and advancements as we will bring forth more new and reliable products to ESK8 community. Stay tuned!